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Fishing as a past time is great.  All you really have to do is decide to go and then do it.  I like to go fishing pretty much any time of year.  The only thing that ever sneaks up on me is renewing my fishing license.  I also forget about sunscreen too often.

I was on my way out of town to go fishing and made it all the way to the lake before I remembered that I had to renew my fishing license.  Thank goodness there was an Academy Sports and Outdoors in the neighboring town for me to complete the renewal.  I would have been in trouble with the game warden if I'd gone fishing without a license.

I spend a lot of time and money on my fishing hobby.  I belong to a fishing club that costs about one hundred dollars a year for dues.  There are also a lot of expenditures throughout the year.  Fishing in a tournament costs a little bit of money.  You have to put money in for the lunker pot.  There also seems to be something that is new that you need for a tournament.
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The lunker award is the most fun.  The lunker is the biggest fish.  The lunker from each tournament is recorded at the fishing club and the lunker of the year is awarded every December at the annual Wives' Party.  They give a trophy for Lunker of the Year and they give a trophy based on total weight for first, second and third place.

Half of our fishing club members are boaters and own their own boats.  The other half of the fishing club members are non-boaters.  I am a non-boater and I have to provide lunch for the boater that I fish with on the first day and pay for some of the gas used during the tournament.  This is pretty fair because there are a lot of expenses with owning a boat.

I have been fishing all of my life and I find it very relaxing.  I don't mind working so much when I know that I have an upcoming fishing trip.  I look forward to every one of the ones that I attend.  I hope to be able to go fishing whenever I want when I retire.  I look forward to that, too.



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